“I thought that On the Same Page was a great opportunity for everyone.  Lots of kids in Decatur read Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth in the classroom and many people who may not normally read, read this book and found that they liked reading. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to doing it again this fall.”

-- Brennan, age 11

“On the Same Page is a great idea because it encourages people to read more and it helps knit families together. I like that everyone reads the same book, then everyone gets to talk about the same book and then everyone gets to meet the author. This marvelous program shows kids that they can do anything!”

-- Meyrick, age 8

“The inaugural OTSP project was so much fun, and the students were really into reading the book. Even the teachers and adult volunteers could not stop talking about the project.  I'm certain On The Same Page will continue to become an even bigger and better tradition. The Decatur Rotary Club is proud to be involved in OTSP.”

-- Jim Jarboe, Decatur Rotary Club, OTSP sponsor

"It was fantastic to be able to share a common experience with other educators and students in and around our community. Our 6th graders will long hold the memories of our culminating visit and conversation with the irreplaceable Norton Juster."

--  Jill Starkman, 6th grade language arts teacher at The Galloway School

"When I teach Charlotte’s Web, I ask my students why they think Charlotte needs help in finding words for the web. After all, we know from her first "Salutations" that she has an extraordinary vocabulary. I, at least, think that the reason E.B. White told the story the way he did is because he wanted readers to understand that the barnyard community--like any community--needs to have a common goal and a common language if they are going to do more than hang together by a thread. The search for words for the web is just another way to point them all in that direction. I think your (On The Same Page) program works in the exactly same way, and I think it really does work!"

--  Leonard Marcus, renowned historian and critic of children’s literature, author of The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth, and also the featured moderator at OTSP 2011 program.